Ripley County Missouri
Marriage Records {1833-1860}

Ripley county was formed in 1833.Book "B" [1833-1852],the oldest book of marriage to be found in court house in Doniphan, Missouri is in poor condition. The index is missing and the book is crumbling away.Book "C" begining in 1853 has the folling notation on the inside cover "The wreakage of this old marriage record has been collected and restored in so far as possible.Rebound and the last pages replaced and restored from the books own table of contents...." The comilers have tried to copy the names as they appeared in the book no changes to the misspelled names. In order to save space a number has been assigned to each minister or justice of the peace who performed marriages. The numbers are listed alphabetically at the end of the marriages with their corresponding numbers.

Book "B"


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