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Steam Ship Seneca,Hobocken,NJ

First page---------- The blotter preceding this transmitted to the central office on Monday, July,7,1879 at..1.30PM by patroln,Chs B Worman?{not shure of spelling } 6AM to 730 is hard to make out all the words 730 Crusing//Seneca left-peir foot of 3ed E.R.and crused up E.R. went about -above the gate.Crused down E.R. around the Batty? and up N.R. fast to the Hances?Frances? coal dock at Hobocken and took on board 8 tons of coal left coal dock at 12 noon and returned to dock foot of east 17th street and made fast at 12;40 PM left at 5;20 and made foot at E 3ed street at 5;40 PM

The names mentioned on the first two pages are as follows;


Captain William Schultz
Sergent Thomas Beird?
Sergent Obea? Firth/Fisch?
Pilot John Martin
Doorman Daniel
Roundsman James Jones on N.R
Patrolman John Harvey on E.R
Patrolman Christopher Parks
Patrolman Joesph Kennedy
Patrolman Patrick Kelly
Patrolman Thomas McCormick
Roundsman William Guerker
Patrolman Charles Worman
Detective Patrick Lawlor
Patrolman Miles Keon
Patrolman Thomas Skuse
Patrolman Daniel Quigbey
Patrolman Ferdinand Vof?
Patrolman John McGuikin
Patrolman Henry Hand
Patrolman Francis Kelly
Patrolman William Rhoades
Pilot Anton Adler
Engineer George E Smith
Mechanic Joseph H Gibson
Detective John Dougherty


George Hweck--Engineer
Thomas McQuaid----fireman
Anthony Bishop----fireman
Michel McQuade --deck hand
Thomas Leonard deck hand
Nathaniel Hall---cook
Charles Berry---steward

This ends all names mentioned day one.