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Plastic Bottle is projects made from old bleach bottles.Please make shure mom washes them out very good.


1/2 gal plastic bottle with handle removed

1-1/2" dia. flat bottle cap for hat

4 "x 6" red felt for mouth, blanket & feet

4 "x 6" green or blue felt for hat & blanket

4 "x 6" brown felt for ears & eyelashes

1-1/2"x 1-1/2" pink felt for nose

Pre-cut asstd. felt flowers & leaves

2 moving eyes (3/4" dia. ) 1 "x 6" White Foam pole for legs

1 bright colored chenille stem Tor tail

8 goId beads for decor on feet 12 light brown ribbon for bangs

Gold Paper Lace

White glue, and pins

l Remove bottle handle. Cut money slot in center back if pig is to be used as a bank.

2. Cut hat crown. brim, and band out of green or blue felt. Glue crown to top of bottle cap. Glue band around edge. Place crown on hat brim and glue.

3. Cut four 1-1/2" pieces of 1" diameter White Foam pole for legs. Use serrated knife and sand paper and shape one end of each leg to fit contour of bottle. Glue in place. 4. Decorate feet with 1/2" bands of red felt.

5. Cover screw cap of plastic bottle with pink felt and add 2 sequins for nostrils. Glue Gold Paper Lace trim around neck of bottle (see photo). This will cover hole left after removing bottle handle. Cut and glue red felt mouth into place. Glue eyes in place.

6. Using pattern, cut ears and eyelashes of brown felt and glue into place. Ears may be at any angle desired. Some like them high and some like them low.

7. For decorative blanket, use pinking shears and cut 1-J/2"x 1-1/2" piece of blue or green felt and a 2-1/2"x 3-1/2' piece of red felt. For bank, cut coin slot in center of each piece of felt. Glue red felt on top of pig's back. Glue smaller piece of felt on top of this. Decorate with sequins and beads.

8. Cut five 2-1/4" lengths of brown ribbon. Trim one end of each as in Fig. 1 for bangs. Glue into place on top of head and add hat.

9. Glue decorative pre-cut flowers and leaves to pig as desired. Add extra color and glamour by gluing sequins to each flower.

10. For curly tail, wrap chenille stem around a pencil and then remove. See Fig. 2. Make a hole in the plastic bottle for tail and glue in place.

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