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Please have mom help cut all felt projects.Have FUN..


4"x4" Brown,White,Gold,Orange and Yellow Felt

2"x2" Black Felt

2 15mm moving eyes

3 1/2" Twig




1. Cut felt body pieces from the pattern . Cut one owl from 3/16" brown and one head from 3/16" white . Cut two wings and four small feathers out of old gold felt; cut an orange headpiece and two large feathers of orange felt; two eye pieces and two feet of yellow felt; and one beak of black felt.

2. Glue the branch on the body slightly above the wing tips. Center and glue the feet on the branch.

3. Apply glue to the top portion of the wings and glue them on the owl so that their tips hang over the branch.

4. Apply glue to the upper 1/2 of the head and glue it on the owl so that it overlaps the top of the wings. Glue on the orange headpiece. Center and glue on the yellow felt eye pieces and the black beak.

5. Glue a moving eye in the center of each yellow felt eye piece. With black marking pen, draw lines radiating from the moving eyes on the yellow eye piece.

6. Center the large orange feathers just below the head on the wings and glue them into place. Directly below the head, glue two small feathers on each side of an orange feather. overlapping the orange feather.

7. Glue magnetic tape strips on back of the figure.

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