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Please have mom help cut all felt projects.Have FUN..


3/16" Art foam or felt; pink and lime.

White craft glue

2 Moving eyes; 5mm

3/32" Art foam or felt; charcoal

Acrylic paint; black, dark green, yellow, and red

5" x 5" Felt; orange

3" x 3" Felt; brown, white,yellow, cerise, black and red

Paint brush; fine-tipped

Magnetic tape

Tracing paper


1. Cut art foam pieces from the patterns .Cut an entire clown of pink art foam,the cannon and smoke rings of charcoal foam, and the cactus, cactus arm, and grass of lime felt.

2. Cut a left shoe out of brown felt, a cannon wheel of white the art foam heel.felt, a left arm of yellow felt, a hat of orange felt, and a nose. of red felt. Cut two 1/4" black felt wedges for eyebrows. 3. The patterns for the remaining felt pieces have interior outlines. Paint lines. They will require a tracing paper pattern. For the clown's suit, make a pattern that includes all but his head, his right shoe, and the lower portion of his left arm.Make a pattern of the polka dots, the right shoe, the mouth, the heel of the left shoe, the point of the hat, and the hatband. Make a separate left sleeve and left glove. Make a pattern of the cannon's mouth, the bolt on the wheel, and the cotter behind the bolt.

4. Lightly glue these patterns in reverse on the correct shade of felt, cut out the felt, and peel off the patterns im mediately. Cut a suit and a left glove of orange felt, polka dots and a hatband of cerise felt, a right shoe.and a cotter of brown felt,a sleeve and the point of the hat of yellow felt, and a mouth of white felt. Cut the heel of the left shoe out of charcoal foam. Cut the cannon's mouth of black felt and the bolt of red felt.

5. Glue the suit, shoe, mouth, nose, and hat into place. Glue on the moving eyes; center and glue on the eyebrows above them. Glue the point of the hat into place and position and glue the hatband over it. Glue the left shoe into place over the suit. Glue the art foam heel on the left shoe. Glue the left left sleeve and left glove into place.Glue polka dots onto the suit.

6. Using the pattern as a model, paint the face and body details and the mouth opening black. Paint the shoestring holes red, and the heel of the.right shoe black. Paint a black heel rim on art foam heel.

7. Assemble and paint the cannon. Glue the mouth and the wheel into place. The wheel goes on the circle drawn in dotted lines.Glue the cotter into place and glue the bolt over it.Paint small bolts on the stem of the cannon.

8. Assemble and paint the cactus. Position and glue on the arm of the cactus. Outline the cactus and the arm with dark green paint and paint on black needles.

9. Paint the grass dark green and streak it-with yellow paint.

10. Glue strips of magnetic tape on the clown, the cannon, the smoke rings, the cactus, and the grass.

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