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Plastic Bottle is projects made from old bleach bottles.Please make shure mom washes them out very good.


2 large plastic bleach bottles

Leather or old inner tube

2 wooden dowel sticks -1/2"x 10"

Bright colors paint poster or enamel

Leather thong,plastic lacing, or twine


2 large wooden beads

Cloth,felt, or Art Foam

String, wire, or chenille stem

DIRECTIONS : 1. Cut top off one bleach bottle leaving bottom between 6-!/2" to 7" high. Take second bottle and cut off bottom 1-1/2". Force this shallow piece over open end of first bottle so that you have a drum with both ends covered. 2. Paint Indian design on sides of drum. 3. Cut 2 circles of leather or old inner tube about 1/2" larger than top of drum. Make holes with punch or ice pick around edge of both pieces. Be sure that they match up and that you have the same number of holes in both pieces. 4. Place drum in between both circles. Loosely weave, lacing up and down through holes. Tighten lacing gradually. 5. Beaters: Fasten wooden bead to one end of dowel stick. Use a small tack or glue to secure. Place a square of cioth or Art Foam over bead and secure ends by wrapping chenille stem or wire around stick.

Indian noisemaker is made from a small detergent bottle. The neck of the bottle is cut off so the top will be flat. Slip a dowel stick through slits cut in both ends of the bottle. Paint designs as desired. Drop pebbles or beans into rattle through hole in one end and put a bit of tape over hole. Decorate with yarn, raffia, feathers, etc.

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