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Plastic Bottle is projects made from old bleach bottles.Please make shure mom washes them out very good.


Quart size plastic bottle

6"x 6" brown felt -ears and nose

2"x 2-1/2" red felt for tongue

12" velvet tubing for tail

Chenille stem for tail

2 moving eyes -3/4" dia.

4 plastic bottle caps or corks -feet

Pre-cut felt flowers and circles

2 "x 4" black paper or felt -eyes

Sequins, pins. and white glue


l Cover screw cap "nose" with felt and add 2 sequin nostrils.

2. For tail, bend chenille stem over 1/4" at end and run through velvet tubing. Sew end closed. Pull tubing tight over chenille and secure at other ena. Make hole in plastic bottle for tail and glue into place. Bend to shape.

3. See patterns and cut ears and tongue out of felt. Glue tongue into place. Cut 3/4" slit for each ear lengthwise on the bottle about 1-3/4" apart. See Fig. l Insert the ears and glue to secure.

4. Glue eyes and black circles into place. Glue bottle cap or cork legs into place. Decorate with felt flowers, circles, and leaves.

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