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Plastic Bottle is projects made from old bleach bottles.Please make shure mom washes them out very good.


2 half gallon bleach bottles

5 pictures of church windows ( from old greeting cards)

10"x 15" heavy caraboard

2 pieces White Foam -12"x 12"x 1/4"

3 Pieces White Foam- 12"x 12"x 1/2" 10' White Foam pole -I" dia. -posts

2" White Foam block

Small bell

12 pearl beads

26 gauge wire for cross

White chenille stems

White glue

Small flowers, plants, & pebbles


1 Cut handles off of both bottles. Cut a 3" strip out of one side of both bottles. Fig. I. Cut a door out of one just opposite from opening. The door is 3"x 4 '. Fig. 2. Cut door piece in half lengthwise so that it will open. Fasten back in the hole. Make hinges from small pieces of tape or cloth. Fig. 3.

2. Cut a piece of 1/2" White Foam 7"x 12". Glue to center of 10"x 15" card- board. Fig. 4. Paint, glitter, or cover with paper that looks like rocks or brick. 3. Place both bottles on top of the base. Put open parts together and glue or staple to hold. Fig. 5.

4.- Cut a piece ot White Foam 7"x 9-1/2". Cut holes out of this so that it will fit down over the two bot- tles for a ceiling. Push it down so that it is 5" from the base. Hold up with 5" posts cut from White Foam pole placed at corners. Fig. 6.

5. Cut 2 triangular pieces 5"x 6" out of the 1/2" White Foam. Fig. 7. This is to hold up the roof. Fig. 8.

6. Roof: Take 2 pieces of the 1/4" White Foam. Place on top of ceiling so that they cQme together to make a peak at the top. Glue together. Use pins to hold till dry.

7. Bell tower: Use the 2" block and cut a "Y" out of it to fit the roof. Fig. 9. Glue to hold. To make the windows and peak of tower, cut two 1/2" thick pieces of White Foam to fit top of block. Cut 2 windows out of it and fasten to front and back of block with glue and short pieces of white chenille stem. Fig. 10.

8. Make a cross out of beads and wire and fa~ten to top of tower. Hang bell inside. Glue windows (cut out of old greeting cards) to sides of church. Decorate roof, windows, and doors with Gold Paper Lace. Glue plants, flowers, and small stones to base of church.

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