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Plastic Bottle is projects made from old bleach bottles.Please make shure mom washes them out very good..


1/2 gallon plastic bottle

Assorted small plastic flowers, leaves, & butterflies

1/4"x 8" doweling

Gold Paper Lace trim

1 bird Sequins

White glue

Scrap White Foam


1. Cut 3 holes in bottle, 2-3/4". diameter each. One hole in center front and one on either side ---equal distance apart.

2. Glue Gold Paper Lace aro~nd bottle at indentation lines above & below holes. Add other trim as desired.

3. Run doweling through bottle and put bird on his perch.

4. Decorate with flowers, leaves, butterflies, etc.

5. Insert piece of scrap foam into top neck of bottle and anchor flowers in it. (Floral clay may be used to help hold flowers.

The bottle at the left is turquoise, the flowers are pink with a pink & yellow butterfly. The yellow bird sits on a-pink perch made from a small dowel stick.

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