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Please have mom help cut all felt projects.Have FUN..

MATERIALS For the Girl

7mm Moving eyes

Felt; black, green, yellow, & orange

Thick white craft glue

Acrylic paints; black, fluorescent red, & orange

3 Forget-me-not flowers

Marking pen;

black Magnetic tape


1. Make two patterns of the body, one pattern of the white portion and one including the shaded portion and feet. Cut a black foam figure from the larger patterns with feet, and a green foam figure from the smaller, white pattern.

2. Cut a hat of orange felt and a ribbon of yellow felt.

3. Cut two holes in the green head for inserting the moving eyes.

4. Glue the green body onto the black one. Allow the glue to dry.

5. Following the design on the pattern, mark the body details with black marking pen.

6. Glue the eyes, hat, ribbon, and flowers into place.

7. Paint a red mouth and nose. Paint the hat red, the feet black, and the dots orange.

8. Glue pieces of magnetic tape to the backside of the figure.


Felt black,white, green and orange

black Magnetic tape

Acrylic paints; black, fluorescent red, yellow & orange

Marking pen;

10 mm Moving eyes

Stamens, green


Same as for the girl..

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