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Please have mom help cut all felt projects.Have FUN..


cherry tomato basket

Felt or Art foam ,red,pink,Avocado green,dark green,lime green


Acrylic spray

Magnetic tape

Acrylic paint ,light and dark green

Cutting chart

Avocado green cut 1 Lg leaf, 2 small leaves , 1 square block

Red cut 1 Lg. berry, 3 med. Berries ,3 sm. berries ,P> Pink cut 1 Lg. berry,1 med. berry,3 small berries

Lime cut 6 Lg. sepals,6 small sepals


1. See the cutting chart , and cut the pieces as indicated. Manicure or decoupage scissors are helpful in shaping the points of the leaves.

2. Snip the metal bands at the top corners of the wooden basket with wire cutters. This will separate the panels of the basket from one an- other and allow you to cut the bottom of the basket. Holding the panel you wish to decorate, cut the bottom of the basket 1/4" away from the edge of that panel.

3. Coat the basket panel with clear acrylic spray.

4. Center and glue the small block of foam onto the back of the panel.

5. Cover the shaded portion on front of the leaf spray with glue. Glue this onto the foam- padded back of the wooden panel.

6. Define the veins of the leaves and the sepals with green acrylic paint. Painting them a shade lighter and a shade darker than the art foam produce the best effects.

7. Glue the large sepals onto the large and medium berries, and the small sepals onto the small berries.

8. Highlight the berries with glued-on red sequins which will resemble shading or shiny berry seeds.

9. To assemble the fruit arrangement, glue one large berry, two medium berries, five small berries, and two small leaves onto the leaf spray and box panel as shown in the large photo above, or as desired.

10. Glue a strip of magnetic tape to the backside of the Basket 0' Berries and to each extra berry. Now "put-on" your box and scatter your berries where you will!

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