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Plastic Bottle is projects made from old bleach bottles.Please make shure mom washes them out very good.

Materials needed

1 gallon bleach bottle

18 by 18 piece of cotton material

1 plastic curler

1-1/2 yards braid or ribbon for draw string

Red and black felt for eye's and mouth

White glue

9" peice of chenille for hair

Rick-rack for trim


Step 1.Cut top off the bleach bottle, disregarding the neck and the handle See fig1. note that the front is taller then the back.

Step 2.Sew the edges of the material together to make a tube that will fit snugly over the bottle.

Step 3.Cut a hole out of the material so that you have a place to place the face.Fig,2. Glue the material to the bottle then the rick-rack.

Step 4.Make a two inch hem at the top of the material.Stich a row half way down the hem so that you have a tunnel through wich to run the draw string.Slip the string through and tie.Fig,3.

Step 5.Cut eye's and mouth out and glue to face.

Step 6.Wrap curler with chenille and sew to front of cap.Make a small bow and sew above curler.

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